nCenctric Inc.
specializes in
the design and deployment
of large-scale wireless
mesh networks.
Unlike competing mesh
products that use either
single or dual radios,
nCenctric's Solutions supports
up to eight radios per node,
providing dedicated high-speed wireless
bandwidth for backhaul ingress, backhaul egress, and client connectivity.

nCentric's approach ensures the highest
throughput and lowest latency over the greatest
number of wireless hops, ensuring the highest
performance for voice and video applications over the mesh, while enabling easy and cost-effective future network expansion.

Visit nCentric at OilComm 2012

Come visit us at booth 603
05 November 2012

nCentric unveiling "ROBIN" node at Offshore Communication 2011

Discover the "Rigmesh Offshore Broadband Innovative Node" at booth 702
04 November 2011


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01 November 2011

nCentric INC

1652 West Sam Houson Pkwy North
Houston, TX 77043, USA 

T +1 (832) 390-4201